Specialty Cocktails

You may notice that our drink menu is different than most places you may go.  That’s because all of our drinks are created in house.  You simply can’t find these drinks anywhere else.

Once you decide on what to order, you will definitely notice the difference after the first sip.  All of our drinks are made with the freshest possible ingredients.  We juice many of the components daily on premise.  When juicing is not an option, we use Santa Cruz Organic Juice as our juice mixers and Hansen all natural sodas for our soda mixers.

We feel the extra work and attention to detail is worth it and that you will be able to taste this in any of our cocktailsthat you order.  So step on up to the bar and order a Jade Kiss, Tipsy Gypsy, or any of our other custom crafted cocktails and enjoy something new, fresh, and exciting!

Besito (seasonal)

Our version of the Mojito is made with fresh basil, lime, and your choice of either gin, vodka, or rum.

Jade Kiss

Freshly juiced cucumber makes the Jade Kiss extra special. Light and refreshing with a touch of organic agave nectar and lime for balance. The Jade Kiss can be made with gin or vodka.

Orange Blossom

Fresh, organic, muddled orange, vodka, organic lemonade, and a splash of hibiscus.

Cosmic Hibiscus

Vodka and hibiscus.  Simple and delicious.

Purple Rain

Organic grape juice, Rain organic vodka, and a splash of soda.

Tipsy Gypsy

Fresh juiced ginger, fresh lime, organic agave nectar and vodka.  Our best seller.

Whiskey Snap

Fresh juiced ginger, fresh lime and whisky.  Bold and flavorful

Hot Tamale

Tequila, organic agave nectar, and cayenne for a south of the border style kick.


Kava drinks

Kava Colada

Kava, pinapple/coconut and a touch of orange.

Kava Chai

Just what it says.  Chai and kava

Kava Sutra

Kava, chocolate, and cayenne.  Sweet and spicy!


Create your own beverage

We offer a wide variety of organic juices and alcohol so feel free to call your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.  Our experienced bartenders will make anything you can dream up.


Organic limeade

Organic lemonade

Organic hibiscus

Organic cranberry

Organic pomegranate/blueberry


Tonic water

Soda water